How To Report Identity Theft


The shock of realizing you’ve been the victim of identity theft can be overwhelming to say the least.  Most people aren’t exactly sure what the first steps they should take after realizing their information has fallen into the wrong hands and the possibility of having multiple fraudulent accounts, charges and worse has become a reality.  The first thing id fraud victims need to do realize that time is of the essence.  The quicker they begin finding out how much damage has been done and where the damage has occurred, the easier it will be to develop a game plan to start fixing the problems caused by the identity thieves.
Here’s What To Do Right Away

Step 1: Call the companies where you know fraud occurred. Call the fraud department. …

Step 2: Place a fraud alert and get your credit report. Contact one of the three credit bureaus. …

Step 3: Report identity theft to the FTC. …

Step 4: File a report with your local police department.

Here Are More Steps To Help You With Identity Theft Recovery

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